The town of Creede evolved from a history rich in mining and scenic surroundings. Silver was first discovered in Creede in 1889. Mining was the area’s main industry for almost 100 years until the Homestake Mining Company closed down the Bulldog Mine in 1985. The idea for the Underground Mining Museum was birthed in 1990 after an idea that Bob Louth proposed in 1976 for an underground fire station. Because the underground fire station project was so well accepted, the citizens agreed to the building of the mining museum. Three Creede miners began breaking rock in November, 1990. By 1992, the mining portion of the museum was complete and most of the displays were in place. Though the museum has never been used for the commercial production of silver, it was ‘mined’ from solid rock and is an authentically displays the methods and techniques used by miners in the ‘boom’ days of Creede, Colorado. The museum has many displays, some even include real mining equipment. Both the museum and community center are located completely underground.

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Creede Underground Mining Museum
503 Forest Service Rd #9
Creede, CO 81130
Phone: 719-658-0811
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Images courtesy of the Underground Mining Museum Website.

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